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a billion dollars in loan guarantees to help you crane out because reef duesed energy supplies. the u.s. is also offering help with free and fair elections, the conflict escalated when hundreds of ukrainian troops approached a dozen russians at an air force base in crimea. the ukrainian troops manned an air base now controlled by russian troops b. a dozen russian soldiers warned the ukrainians to stay back. commanders from both sides eventually spoke. smo one was hurt. in the past hour russian president putin spoke publicly about the crisis. he says that the country is ready to use all means to protect russians in ukraine but hope people do not have to use force in the eastern part of the country. >> a bay area high school says it will do more to protect students after a second transgendered teen was allegedly attacked in four months. the latest attack happened in a boys bathroom at hercules high school. the victim a 15-year-old female who identifies as male says she was attacked by three teen boys who physically and sexually assaulted him. it is the latest case of violence since cali
winds and a chance of isolated flooding and thunderstorms that could get a little bit of extra energy with those higher elevations. as we head throughout the wednesday forecast, pin pointing the possibility of thunderstorms in the mix. very slight, we want to alert i don't have you that. san jose will have a chance with temperatures in the low 60s. also in san francisco. so quite a bit colder. sunday and monday, we have that record setting heat. temperatures in the upper seths to near 80. hopefully you can find that jacket for tomorrow. 63 in napa. for the trivalley, 64 in livermore with a slight chance of thunderstorms. watch out for treacherous travel in the sierra. we could see upwards of a foot of snow. that's exactly what we want. seems like lately we don't have anything, then we get it all at once. >> thanks for the fair warning, jeff. >>> seth meyers pays a tribute to nbc bay area tonight on his show. >> and jimmy before seth. >> paul rudd is here for a lipsync battle. and we have shaquille o'neal. you've got to check it out. we're on next. is this the bacon and cheese diet? th
unique concerns. >> you wonder about your energy level, whether or not you can go the whole night waking up and doing all of those feeds and then showing up for work the next day. >> reporter: and there is something else he should know. while previous studies have compared children of older fathers to children of younger dads, a new study in sweden that tracked the children born to the same father is raising new concerns. it found that children conceived when their fathers were over 35 were 13 times more likely to have adhd than a sibling born when their fathers were in their early 20s. two and a half times more likely to have autism, and two and a half more times to struggle with substance abuse and two and a half more times likely to attempt suicide. >> there is a correlation between the bearing of psychiatric problems. this does not prove that advancing age causes the problems. >> reporter: older dads are much more common, steve martin, jack nicholson, clint eastwood, have all fathered children later in life. but while men produce sperm their entire life, the evidence suggests men hav
meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> the storm is gaining strength, the tighter this thing gets, the more energy it holds and eventually that will hit the california coastline. right now the frontal boundary is moving closer to the coast and that's helping intensify our rainfall, at least over the next three to four hours. you can see this heavy zone of rain to the south, moving from the south to the north. so over the next two to three hours, we'll see this move our way. right now 3/4 of an inch per hour that will be hitting parts of the bay area. not at midnight. a few spotty showers. but 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, some of the heavier rain moves across and the entire bay area will be under this severe weather risk. a possibility of isolated thunderstorms that could produce hail. the other added component is the wind. meteorologist rob mayeda, you're positioned in the perfect spot to track this wind overnight. >> reporter: we've been watching this wind pick up and wind gusts within the last half hour approaching 30 miles per hour. this is the reason why we think the wind also continue to accelerate over
:00. and by 11:00 p.m., we still think there's going to be just enough energy left that we'll get some showers in san jose. we think it will be adding up, but just not nearly as high as the north bay. so excuse me, let's look at the totals that we can expect. santa rosa, 0.45 of an inch. and back towards palo alto, expecting 0 .09 of an inch. throughout wednesday, the same here, yes, it's going to be cloudy. showers coming our way, but take a look at the temperatures. this is not a cold storm system. we have 70 in san jose, 71 in morgan hill. close to 70 in palo alto. and we will have some humidity in the atmosphere. san francisco 64 and low 60s at the marina. in the north bay, east bay, we have the possibility of showers in napa and santa rosa. for the east bay and for the try valley, temperatures up to about 70 degrees. 68 in walnut creek and 69 in pleasanton. possible record seating heat throughout saturday's forecast. by sunday, lit cool down as another system starts to approach. you'll need those umbrellas by sunday night into monday. but remember to push the clocks forward one hour. even
. highly soluble, easily absorbed. natural energy from tea packed with real juice from delicious fruits and veggies. it's what you need for that extra boost! oh and did we mention it's only 50 calories? need a lift? could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. >>> well looks like it's going to be a rainy wednesday throughout the morning and afternoon we're locked in the green in the rain. not a lot of snow on the map. here's the seattle area. looks like heavier heading over top of you. moderate rain if you're leaving in the next hour. toward the olympics we had a bunch of rain. toward olympia, a lot of rain. portland same for you. keep the umbrella out today. dry in southern california. as we go towards tomorrow t cold front kicks in. we have the chance of a few thunderstorms with it. active weather, we like it. >> the more green you show us, the better right about now. >>> john travolta acknowledged he butchered idina mendes name in the oscars. he said he went on to say, quote, what would idina mendes say? she'd say let it go, let it go. that's the song she sang in the movie. >>> so much att
alternative energy, cyber security, and bio-tech. they will also get access to innovation hubs. it includes 16 clusters of tech incubato incubators. and although mr. netanyahu has one supporter out here, there are protestors that say the governor should not come to an agreement with the prime minister until the isreali palestine issue is solved. >> we should not have relations with isz yal. we should treat them the same way as any country doing ethnic cleansing and committing these crimes against their neighbors. >> the protestors have been out here since 7:00 this morning. the prime minister was schedule todd be here at 10:30 after an extensive security of the inside and perimeter of the computer history museum. we'll give you a live picture of some of the protestors out here. they are waving the isreali flag in support. and other protestors are out here welcoming him in mountain view. he will go to stanford after this visit. >>> thank you, damien. now to developing news. reports of an u.n. envoy. ukraine officials say it was kidnapped, but they say they were only threatened and not abducted.
food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at >>> coming up, who knew. >> which awards statue is the heaviest, the emmy, golden globe, oscar and tony. >> the answer after your local news. >> can't wait. ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> we are back with more of "today" on this winesday wednesday. we are ready to play a trivia game called who knew. with the academy awards coming up, we are about to test your knowledge of all things oscar. kathie lee will be on the red carpet. she's ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who don't get it right. those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd. that's just sad. here to help me out is entertainment weekly senior writer, tim stack. >> i'm old. >> tim, first we asked the question before the break. here is the question. >> yeah. >> which award is the heaviest, the emmy, golden globe, oscar or tony. tim, what is the answer? >> hoda, the envelope please. >> oh. >> yes. oh. >> what is it? >> the answer is the oscar. the oscar. >> and why? >> it is 8.5 pounds. that's about what i lift normally. that's
will focus on water conservation, alternative energy and technology and the agreement will give israeli companies access to california's network of invasion hubs. >>> now to the latest on the growing crisis in ukraine. tonight russian troops continue to pour into the country's region even though there are no reports of violence, president obama is facing mounting pressure to come up with a plan to get russia to back off. ahead of his wednesday visit to silicon valley, the prime minister benjamin met with the president today. the crisis in ukraine was a critical top pick of conversation. meeting with him. >> what cannot be done is for russia to put soldiers on the ground. >> reporter: more russian troops are arriving taking control without firing a shot. ukrainen army troops look terrified. back in russia putin visited troops who put on a show for tv. >> i think he is in a dangerous state of mind and not thinking fully about long-term consequences. >> reporter: european nations who want closer ties with ukraine might sanction moscow banks that putin depends on. >> it would effectively sh
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-benz financial services. through mercedes-benz ♪ through mercedes-benz oh, there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. quaker's good energy is just what you want. it's how we help keep go-getters like you... going... and getting. one bite at a time. try new chewy sweet & salty. a crave-able combo you gotta eat to believe. >>> it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do have an nbc microclimate weather alert as we give you a live look in san jose and palo alto this morning. the rain had been coming down quite heavily throughout the morning. let's check in with christina with a look at the forecast. >> here's something you don't hear about often, a flash flood warning in the bay area. it's one of the areas where a lot of people have to travel through to get to work along the peninsula. where we're in green between redwood city and san jose. this is slated to expire in a couple minutes but what's happening we're getting all of this runoff off of the mountains impacting the morning drive. we stop the radar. the rain from san francisco all the way down the pen
into weather forecasting, water resource management, as well as understanding climates and how water and energy get cycled into the climate role. >> check out these images. they were taken by a satellite which dramatically illustrates the drought severity. on the left, the snow pack in january of last year. on the right, how the state looked last month with a distinctly browner central valley. >>> want to work for the 49ers? they're looking for a few good people. some of the jobs available include part-time ushers. there are also full-time jobs available. you can find a link on our website by searching stadium jobs at nbc bay >>> they were fan favorites at the sochi games. now tara lipinski and johnny weir, they have a new gig. >>> we're going to be back with you in 30 minutes. here's what we're working on for our 6:00 newscast. >> we brought so many home. but too many didn't. >> they were overlooked by the history books. only on nbc bay area, the story of a lesser known chapter of the vietnam war. the special group of women celebrating their work, and their memories. >>> from gold me
, but you can see it's going for hard to shake some of this energy from this storm system. and then our next system lines up, not by thursday evening at 5:00 p.m. but it's speeding up a little bit on that timing. so the heaviest rainfall is going to get here. the overnight hours of friday, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and likely a heavy zone of rainfall continuing through friday. as we head throughout saturday, we'll see this rainfall begin to exit parts of the bay area. so friday looks very wet for us. we've been tracking the wind here across the bay. i want to get you the wind cast. throughout tomorrow, it's going to be coming down, winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. then throughout friday morning, again, as that next storm system lines up, we'll see areas at the coastline that could see winds top 50 miles per hour. again, that combined with the rainfall is why i'm so concerned with friday's storm and the potential of more power outages, and more trees coming down. so we could see a repeat performance throughout friday. on your forecast for thursday, a few breaks of sunshine in here by the afternoon. 63
. you see the radar kind of clearing itself out as little energy, the storm system with it is moving through northern nevada and going to head up through areas around salt lake city during the day today. as far as the northwest goes, looks like portland, you're dry. still another slug of moisture coming into the seattle area. olympia, northwards, puget sound, a little bit of rain. some rain shadow they call it from the olympics will keep you dry, down right around the water level. as far as the forecast goes today, there will somebody damp weather, showers in the northwest, but not the heavy rain like yesterday. little cooler in san francisco. not bad. 61. that's your national forecast. >>> so after the big rainstorm in l.a., we went through friday and now it looks kind of quiet. >> quiet can be good. >> little bit of time to dry out. we need a little more though. >> bill karins, thank you very much. >>> still to come, closic cars getting a new lease on life. holy slip. the pope delivers a blessing with a curse. we'll explain in two minutes. [ male announcer ] frequent heartburn? the
aid from the makers of nyquil®. the non-habit forming sleep aid oh, there's an energy crisis happening, alright... a human one. and it's time to fight it. quaker's good energy is just what you want. it's how we help keep go-getters like you going and getting, one bite at a time. try new quaker warm & crunchy granola for the crunchy side of oatmeal. quaker up. >>> on our "love your selfie" series, a father who writes a letter to his daughter about the real source of her beauty called "words of a father to his daughter from the make-up aisle." this has gone viral. check out this excerpt in his own words. >> oh, my goodness! dear little one, as i write this, i'm sitting in the make-up aisle and the word on display have a deep power, words and phrases like "affordably gorgeous, infallible." when you have a daughter, you realize she's as strong as everyone else, a soul on fire with the same gifts and passions as any man. but sitting in the store aisle you realize most people won't see her that way. they'll see her as a pretty face and a body to enjoy, and they'll see her in a certain way in
. >> it is clear to us to move to sustainable energy. and the sooner we do that, the better the world is. >> reporter: he also found time to talk about movies. >> you know what's great is the lego movie. i really liked the lago moyin l. >> i know what the headline tomorrow's going to be. >> reporter: movies aside, he will have to work with regulators not only to build and sell more tesla cars but to put a proposed $5 billion battery factory online as well. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> revolutionizing a lot of what we do. >>> still to come, has the recent rain and snow made a difference? what a recent survey reveals about our water supply. >>> the governor speaks out about gun control in a bay area city be the fourth most dangerous city in america. we look at whether a local gun tracing program would reduce the violence. >>> wow, we're just hours away from more wind, more rain. this is what the radar looks like now. the send storm is making its way into the bay area. you'll see that coming up. >>> despite the rain, we're still in a serious drought. jeff ranieri has the results of t
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win. but this guy has an apund ans of energy and in that respect he's a lesson for us all. >> thank you very much, larry. we'll be right back. >>> good morning to you. we are waking up to some mostly cloudy skies, drizzle and some light rain at times. we've been seeing that around san jose, reporting 55 degrees. san francisco 54 and some low 50s in the north bay. all locations waking up to mostly cloudy if not completely cloudy skies. it won't be until later on this afternoon we'll see a few breaks in these clouds as the light rain continues off and on. here's a view up at kirkwood this morning, live pictures there. pretty healthy-looking snowpack thanks to 40 inches of fresh powder that's come down courtesy of the storm system from friday, yesterday and into this morning. we're seeing the snow totals there about 171 inches of snow since february 1st. you still really need about six and a half more feet of snow to get closer to average. we'll add a little bit to those totals today but there's more opportunities for snow coming up in the forecast as we go through the next few days, e
the obama administration announced one billion in aide to help after the country was cut off from its energy supply in russia. putin spoke to the media, he rejected the united states athlete punish russia with sanctions and hopes that russia will not have to use force in eastern you crane where most people speak russian. in the southern region of crimea russian troops fired warning shots as 300 soldiers demanded their jobs back. the troops previously manned the air base which is now controlled by russian troops. about a dozen soldiers warned the ukrainians to stay back. the commanders from both sides spoke, no one was hurt. >> this morning a dramatic event in the pistorius trial. a judge is now ordering an investigation into claims that a television channel broadcast a photo of one of the witnesses, a court order guarantees privacy to witnesses who request it. pistorius is accused of killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. this morning her moth aer speakg out about the trial. >> a vigil will be held to remember 14-year-old jenna betty hit and killed by a train in martinez on sunday. betty an
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help convert food to energy, and help mike do manly things, like wrestle bears and take out the garbage. get $2 off at >>> whether you want your house to look as welcoming as possible or you're hoping to increase the value to sell it one day, a little curb appeal can go a long way. >> the last time "today" real estate expert barbara corcoran was here to show you how to make curb appeal work for your house, i decided i wanted a shot at it too. >> this time kathie lee is going head to head with barbara. i'm so excited. all right, ladies, are you ready? here is the blank slate house you started with. barbara, we'll let you take your first go at it. what did you do to this house? >> well, this is a perfectly pretty house with great lines. but you can't see them because they're obliterated, whatever that word is, by all the stuff in front. i made some simple changes. i flipped the large and small tree. got a hole anyway, put it in there. i widened the steps, installed two red double doors with a transom window above. and some brass knockers. >> careful. >> knockers. >> what a di
household. want your kid to be happy and have good energy around and you want your wife. they say happy wife is a happy life. that's definitely true in my house. >>reporter: but after eight years of marriage paula and robin say the separation is mutual.
energy company is a pal of putin. just do it. just suspend it, be move, start the meeting. that was the sense that you're wondering why isn't the president out there saying okay, we have made these moves. he's done this. you know, it was before it was trying to play some diplomacy. but they've got this 24 hours and you hear john kerry with more warnings. they know he's got to act no more just issuing is harshly worded statements. >> tina brown, look, part of the bush era a lot of people recoiled against was the idea of talking tough and projecting american power as if somehow feeling better about that makes the world better. >> absolutely. there's no need to go off and be bellicose. now it's now what. marco rubio actually said haggle and kerry should go immediately to kiev. you think what then. you have to have this follow up. what i do think seems to keep outfoxing is obama is a real reading who putin is. it's almost as if putin is brilliant really. he's sort of outfoxing obama all the time. he's very clear. the reason he wins in a way, he's the only one who knows what he
"... focus is power... focus is life... and 5-hour energy is focus. >>> welcome back. the rainy weather cleared up just in time for hollywood's biggest night. >> the rainy weather cleared up just in time for the starts to shine on the red carpet. the biggest honor -- best motion picture. >> "12 years a slave." >> the historical drama took home the night's top prize, best motion picture. best supporting actress. matthew mcconaughey won for best actor in "dallas buyers club." while cate blanchett took home that statue for her performance in "blue jasmine." gave a great speech. >>> also check this out. this is the real deal. pizza delivery guys heading in to the oscars helping out host ellen degeneres hand out slices to the hungry crowd. soon the host went backstage to meet the delivery guy, led him right out there to the audience. brad pitt there having a slice. then she passed around a hat saying, come on, somebody's got to pay for this pizza. >>> this was a selfie that was recorded for the record books. what a picture. degeneres tweeted out this photo of herself alongside hollywood roya
with the governor to promote economic development, research, trade. he'll talk alternative energy, cybersecurity, biotech. california agreement will give israeli companies access to california's innovation hubs or ihubs, innovation network includes 16 clusters of tech encue baiters, research parks, federal laboratories. security will be tight here at computer history museum. while in los angeles, mr. netanyahu spoke yesterday at the premiere of a documentary that features mr. netanyahu. >> i thought it was so important to do this because experience has shown that this can bring up israeli tourism and it's brought it up in other countries and imsure it will do the same here. >> reporter: part of the prime minister's schedule. today in the silicon valley the prime minister will be signing that agreement at the history museum. mr. netanyahu make a stop at apple headquarters in cupertino and meet with the co-founder of whatsapp, sold his company to facebook for $19 billion. security will be tight here at computer history museum. getting past the security will be our own scott budman to bring us the
, and trade. talk alternative energy, cybersecurity and biotech. agreement continues longstanding tradition of agreements between california and israeli leaders. california agreement will give israeli companies access to california's innovation hubs or ihubs, innovation network includes 16 clusters of tech incubators, research parks, universities and federal laboratories. as you can imagine, security will be tight here computer history museum. mr. netanyahu showed a softer side, asking if he was at the oscars. the prime minister was on hand for the premiere of a documentary that features mr. netanyahu. >> i found it's so important to do this because experience has shown that this can break up israeli tourism and it's brought it up in other countries and i'm sure it will do the sam here. >> reporter: what his schedule looks like for the prime minister in the silicon valley, signing the agreement here at history museum. mr. netanyahu will make a stop at apple headquarters in cupertino, and meet with the co-founder of whatsapp a jewish ukrainian immigrant who sold his company for $19 million.
's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ >>> good morning to you. 7:26, i'm peggy bunker. b.a.r.t. hopes to have service restored any moment now the stations have been closed all morning long. "today in the bay" live in hayward with an update. how are we doing for commuters? >> reporter: great news. good morning. just a couple of minutes ago we heard the station agent yell the words "okay," but we heard the crowd go while. a minute ago, gates rolled up, and we saw commuters able to get back into the south hayward b.a.r.t. station after a very long, rough commute, overnight a trespasser killed on the b.a.r.t. tracks and an investigation halted b.a.r.t. service through union city, south hayward. they'd have to make their way to the bayfair station to get into the city but that has changed. again, stations back open. we also saw her put up a sign on the area where you pay, and it said, free marking. maybe that's a
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